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New WIM Series event in Shanghai 2019

New WIM Series event in Shanghai 2019

A new event will be added to the Women’s International Match Racing Series next year – a Chinese event will take place in the fall of 2019. 

After a deal made between the WIM Series and the event organizer FarEast Boats, a new WIM Series regatta will be raced in Shanghai in 2019. This is the start of a long-term plan for future events that will take place in China and the the WIM Series will visit other venues in the following years. The WIM Series, the world’s only professional sailing series for women, has been looking to add an event in Asia for many years.

With the event, the local organizers are cooperating with the WIM Series to boost sailing as a sport in China, and especially to inspire more female sailors to discover the sport and compete. “We are very happy to add this new event and we are looking forward to working together with the local organizers to create a great regatta”, says Anna Holmdahl White, Director of the WIM Series and continued:

“China is a very interesting commercial market and we are positive that there are brands and companies that will be attracted to the series. And we are excited to help more female sailors in China get active in the sport, not only on a professional level but on all levels.”

”It is our great honour to be a part of the WIM series and we are looking forward to working together with them to host successful events at different Chinese stopovers the coming years”, said Demolar Du, President of Far East Boats and continued:

“At the moment there are very few women’s sailing teams in China and in Asia. Hopefully by our continuous collaboration and efforts, we can provide more opportunities for Chinese and also Asian female sailors to compete at an international stage, advance their sailing performance and try to expand sailing as a sport.”

The event will be raced in Fareast 28’s in the fall of 2019. The dates for the event will be presented shortly.