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Skipper - Stephanie Roble – USA

2016 Team – Stephanie Roble – skipper, Maggie Shea – main/tactic, Aimee Famularo – trimmer, Meg Six – trim/pit, Liz Shaw – mast, Janel Zarkowsky – bow

2013-2015 Team members: Stephanie Roble – skipper, Sally Barkow – main/tactics, Meg Six – main/trimmer, Maggie Shea – tactics/trimmer, Jamie Haines – trimmer, Liz Shaw – pit/trimmer, Janel Zarkowsky – main/bow/tactics, Jenn Chamberlin – main/tactic, Jessica Eastwell- main/tactic, Martha Pitt – trimmer, Ann Schwagerl- trimmer, Lara Dallman-Weiss – bow, Kayla McComb – bow, Kyra Goldsmith – bow

27 years old Stephanie Roble started sailing dinghies and scows out of Lake Beulah YC, where she was a successful junior sailor. Later she picked up match racing and fell in love with the fast paced game. Together with fellow team member Maggie Shea she campaigned for women’s Olympic match racing, and qualified as one of the top four for the final stage of the US trials. In the fall of 2012, Stephanie and Maggie became the first women to win both the US Women’s and the Open Match Racing Championships.

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