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Dutch Match Racing Team

Dutch Match Racing Team

Skipper - Renée Groeneveld – NED

2019 Team: Renée Groeneveld – skipper, Marcelien Bos-De Koning – main/tactics, Marieke Jongens – trimmer, Mijke Lievens – bow

2016 – 2017 Team: Renée Groeneveld – skipper, Marcelien Bos-De Koning – main/tactics & bow, Annemieke Bes – main/tactics, Afrodite Zegers – main/tactic, Lobke Berkhout – trimmer, Sanne Akkerman – trimmer, Marije Kampen – trimmer, Michelle Broekhuizen – trimmer/bow, Claire Blom – pit, Sophie Ciszek – bow, Mijke Lievens – bow

This experienced team from the Netherlands made their WIM Series debut at the 2015 Buddy Melges Challenge and continue on with the 2015 Busan Cup. Renee have done 2 Olympic campaigns, reaching the quarter final of match racing in London in 2012. The team finished off the 2016 WIM Series strong with a win at the Carlos Aguilar Match Race and built on that performance to finish second overall in the 2017 WIM Series. After taking a break from match racing in the beginning of 2018, they returned and reached the podium at the season finale in St. Thomas.

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