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Vela Racing

Skipper - Nicole Breault – USA

2019 Team: Nicole Breault – skipper, Molly Carapiet – main/tactics, Allie Blecher – main/tactics, Hannah Burroughs – bow, Karen Loutzenheiser – bow/trimmer, Beka Schiff – trimmer, Carina Becker – bow

2016 team: Nicole Breault – skipper, Eliza Richartz – main/tactics, Molly Carapiet – main/tactics, Sarah Lihan – trimmer, Karen Loutzenheiser – bow/trimmer, Hannah Burroughs – bow

2013 team: Nicole Breault – skipper, Molly Carapiet – main/tactic, Dana Riley – trimmer, Julie Servais – trimmer, Karen Loutzenheiser – mast/pit, Julie Mitchell – bow

Nicole Breault has been the US’s top-ranked women’s match racer since 2015 and is currently 6th in the
Women’s world rankings. In 2018, her team, Vela Racing, won the US Women’s Match Racing Championship for the third time. In 2015, the team won the Women’s division of the Nations Cup Grand Final in Vladivostok, Russia and followed up with a silver medal in the recent 2019 Nations Cup Grand Final in San Francisco, USA. A history teacher with a Masters in Teaching and a Masters in Education, and a tutoring practice called the Salty Professor, Nicole Breault from the St. Francis Yacht Club also finds some time to go match racing. At the beginning of her career she did bow or main and tactics, but nowadays she’s a successful helmsman.

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