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Skipper - Lotte Meldgaard Pedersen - DEN

2019 Team: Lotte Meldgaard Pedersen – skipper, Anne Sofie Munk-Hansen – main, Tina Gramkov – trimmer, Nina Grunow – trimmer, Helle Ørum Ryhding – bow

Previous  Teams: Lotte Meldgaard Pedersen – skipper, Anne Sofie Munk-Hansen – main/tactic, Josefine Boel Rasmussen – main/tactics, Henriette Koch – main/tactic, Anna Holmdahl White – main/tactic, Wyz Mooney – main, Mille Jensen – trimmer, Pernilla Lindnér – trimmer, Josephine Nissen – trimmer, Tina Gramkov – trimmer, Liz Baylis – trimmer, Brittany Demetriou – tailer, Sonja Draben – pit, Dawn Riley – bow, Nina Grunow – bow, Malin Holmberg – bow, Sara Keir Wright – bow, Lærke Sørensen – bow

With 20 years of match racing in approximately 40 different boats, some silver and bronze medals in World Championships, as well as gold in the Europeans, Lotte is one of the most experienced sailors on the WIM Series. In the 2014 WIM Series she won the Buddy Melges Challenge in Sheboygan USA. The four years in advance of the London 2012 Olympics, she focused on that campaign, leading to a 10th place in the tough Olympic fleet. In 2015 Lotte and her team were crowned World Champions at the WIM Series event in Middelfart. For the past three years Lotte has been focused on some 505 sailing, the J70 sailing league and maternity leave. But now Lotte and her team is back at the WIMSERIES events. Lotte Meldgaard Pedersen is working as a Coastal and Ocean Engineer and representing the Royal Danish Yacht Club.

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