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Team Sköna Vibbisar

Team Sköna Vibbisar

Skipper - Antonia Degerlund – FIN

Antonia Degerlund – skipper, Carla Westersund – main/tactic, Janina Lindgren Hallberg – trimmer, Disa Långström – pit, Roosa Wederhorn – pit, Lisa Gerkman – bow

Living in small town Grankulla just west from Finnish capital Helsinki, 30 years old Antonia Degerlund represents NJK, the yacht club that introduced matchracing in the country. Antonia is a management consultant at world-renowned company Accenture, also managing her own match racing team since a couple of years. Being newcomers in 2016 on the WIM Series, Antonia and her crew states that in their boat the purpose of sailing is to have fun. Nevertheless they aim to improve with every event and are looking for podium finishes in 2017.

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