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L2 Match Racing Team

L2 Match Racing Team

Skipper - Marinella Laaksonen – FIN

2018-2019 Team: Marinella Laaksonen – skipper, Daniela Rönnberg – main/tactics, Sofia Tynkkynen, – main/tactics, Camilla Cedercreutz – trimmer, Henna Holopainen – trimmer, Eva-Lotta Hokkonen – bow, Anna Savisaari – bow, Catharina Sandman – bow

Previous Teams: Marinella Laaksonen – skipper, Daniela Rönnberg – main/tactics, Marianna Kontulainen – main/tactics, Susanna Kukkonen – main/tactics/trimmer, Daniela Rönnberg – main/tactics/trimmer, Henna Holopainen – trimmer, Roosa Wederhorn – trimmer, Anna Savisaari – pit, Camilla Cedercreutz – trimmer/pit, Heidi Uusivirta – pit, Lotta Hokkonen – mast, Päivi Järvinen – bow, Noora Tams – bow, Eva-Lotta Hokkonen – bow, Lisa Gerkman – bow

This Finnish team has won the Finnish Women’s Match Racing Nationals three times in the last four years. Marinella Laaksonen is also the highest ranked female Finnish skipper on the World Sailing ranking. Before getting into match racing, Marinella sailed some dinghy classes, like the Europe dinghy. She made her debut on the WIM Series in 2016 and placed 4th in the 2018 WIM Series and hopes to continue to compete at the highest level.

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