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Skipper - Alexandra Martynova – RUS

Team: Alexandra Martynova – skipper, Liudmila Dmitrieva – main/tactic, Anastasia Shcheglova – trimmer, Yana Stokolesova – bow

Team BornToSail was created 2 years ago, but the latest configuration came together just before winning the Russian Women’s Match Racing Championship in May 2018. All of the members of the team are on the Russian National Team – Alexandra Martynova and Liudmila Dmitrieva in 470, Yana Stokolesova in Nacra 17 and Anastasia Shcheglova in 49er FX. All of the team members are Russian National Champions and medalists of different events in Olympic classes and match racing. Alexandra is the helm and the youngest member of the team, but at 18 she still has over 7 years over 7 years of sailing experience while three of her other young teammates have been sailing for nearly 15 years. All of them love sailing and the sea and are ready to win!

High resolution images – 2018